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This is a place for you to tell us about treatment you’ve experienced at the hands of police and/or courts after you reported rape or sexual violence. We started this campaign because we were hearing lots of stories of poor treatment through our sister campaign, My Body Back.

We realised that we had some of our own stories too, and we wanted to create a space for people to talk about this. We also accept submissions from ex-police officers, jurors and ISVAs. Our aim is to record as many experiences as we can so that we can highlight the reality of reporting rape and sexual assault in the UK. We also have an international section for those who wish to submit in other countries. These submissions will be uploaded to our “international” section.

All the submissions are completely anonymous and untraceable in order to protect the people who submit. Please try not to include specific locations, times, names or any unusual features of the crime. Every story on the website will be published exactly as it is submitted to us, however if we feel certain details are too specific, we will blank these out to protect the anonymity of the author.

If you feel your experience has been shaped by sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism or any other form of stereotyping and discrimination you are welcome to include this in your entry.

If you want to submit your experience please go to our homepage.

Here are a few examples of experiences you may wish to submit accounts of:

– Your treatment by the police

– Your treatment by lawyers/judges

– How you were questioned by police or in court

– The handling of your evidence

– The recording of your statement

– Giving evidence and being cross-examined

– How long the process took

– The availability of support and communication throughout the process

This is not a definitive list. Any other experiences you may have had are welcome to be submitted. Please note that all submissions will be uploaded to our website, and may be quoted in media interviews or writing, or on social media.

If you would like support after sexual violence or rape, please visit the website of our sister project, My Body Back.