between 2011-2012 (i’m not sure on the dates but it verbally started in 2011) i was sexually assaulted by a work colleague, not only was he male he was my ‘boss’ it started with verbal, it first started when i went to a residents funeral and he gave me a lift home, he basically said he ‘liked me and wanted more’ i told him i thought he was ‘nice’ & i liked him but just as my boss…he once pulled me into the office to ‘talk about work’ but he shut the door and had me pinned against the wall…another time i asked for a day off as i had a doctors/hospital appointment for a smear test (I didn’t tell him what it was for but he asked me personally was it for that, which i find a bit odd for a male who isn’t a partner or close friend that question) i made it clear each time it wasn’t appropriate & that he was my boss…another time he had the paper out & there was the sex positions page & he said “you need this” i ignored him & carried on with my day…When i wanted to speak to the manger he would start arguments infrount of others to make out i was ‘causing trouble’ or he would state when i was on my own that he could get me fired if he wanted if i went to the manger…So time in late 2011/early 2012 i was working with him on my own as we were moving next door as the company was going through changes…as we entered the room of the resident he walked passed me & groped my backside 3 times…i turned & looked at him & said “what are you doing, that’s not appropriate” he said “oh sorry sorry” very quietly…The resident asked me if i was ok…I just bushed it off…I didn’t tell anyone as i thought it was nothing…Then it all came out when he threaten one of the girls i worked with he was going to put her on nights with him & give her a ‘good seeing to’ she told him that he wasn’t right in the head & he laughed at her…she told another member of staff where they went to the manger & head office was informed…I was then asked a few days later if he said anything to me as my name was mentioned…I was then made to feel it was my fault but the words wasn’t used…I was asked why i didn’t report it & why i let it happen…he was eventully told to leave and they had a ‘meeting’ when the meeting happened i was very scared…& when i asked what happened i was told “he was gone and i didn’t need to know more” but the police would be involved which it didn’t…Months later i was diagnosed with PTSD due to the assault…I was having panic attacks, i had a mental breakdown & i wasn’t supported, i had 5-6 weeks off work with full pay but after them basically blaming me i made the decision to leave after being there for almost 4 years. A year after it happened i felt i needed to report it to the police, I was asked many times the date, time where it happened…due to my PTSD i couldn’t remember dates or times as i gave a different account to work what happened…I told them several times i couldn’t remember & i was told to basically ‘make up the dates’ when it went to my other officer I was told he was going to come on a certain date/day/time but he never turned up or bother to call me to say he had to cancel. I asked questions about if i went to court will it go to the press and they said it probably would (i didn’t want the attention but i wanted to help others.) unfortunately due to the other victims refused to come forward or give evidence my case was dropped…they said they believed me but i got the feeling they didn’t give a shit/i was just a drama queen looking for attention. Think the process took only a few months and they gave me a rape alarm for protection. The only support i got was from counselling that my family paid for as i was unable to it was only a 12 week session as the therapist was moving away. I stayed on anti depressants for over a year but decided they wasn’t for me, Ive decided not to be on them.