I reported rape within a relationship and domestic abuse that happened 4 years ago. The perpetrator lives in the same city and took my business idea also. I got told because the exact details of the few seconds of the exact moment of the rape were hard for me to talk about they not willing to informally interview the perpetrator. Also that they had to consider the impact interviewing him (not proceeding to court, just interviewing him informally), would have on his family, friend and his work! The fact of the impact of his actions had on me- I was off work for 4 years with mental health problems since it as I didn’t get help as I was too scared, not able to have a relationship or intimacy with anyone since, spent my savings on bulimia binges to deal with the awful thoughts and shame that were caused from it didn’t seem to be of any importance to them. I was left feeling worthless and the 8 months of rape counselling were completely undone. The last month since they told me they were not going to investigate has derailed my mental health backwards. From applying to a masters and starting to see family and friends and trusting people again I have found seeing people again impossible. feeling worthless, unbelieved and that I deserved the rape which is why the police will not do anything. Feeling extremely angry and sad 🙁