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One month on…

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Hi to all of our lovely It’s Not Justice followers!

It’s been just over a month since we launched and we’re so thankful for all your support and submissions. We’ve been humbled by the response that we’ve had since we launched. We’ve garnered a strong support base on social media and most importantly we’ve had incredibly honest and candid submissions.

We want to thank everyone for submitting your experiences. We know it must be incredibly difficult to write about your experiences and we’re truly thankful that you have trusted us. We can promise you that you’ve given us the founding blocks for a great campaign and every submission we have received has made us want to strive harder to have these issues heard.

As mentioned in our first blog we will be having guest bloggers who are experts in their field. We aim for these blog posts to help you get a greater understanding of the legal system and also to show how professionals and academics perceive the problem of injustice from sexual violence and how they can be combatted.

So this is an exciting intro to our very first guest blogger, Olivia Smith! She has dedicated her research to court responses to rape and sexual assault, and aims for her research to have an impact in the real-world. She discusses why we need a campaign like It’s Not Justice and how important it is to break the silence. Her blog will be landing on the website soon…so watch this space!

Thank you.

Love and support,

Your ‘It’s Not Justice Team’ x