I was raped at a UK festival so the circumstances of me reporting it to the police were unusual (as there was a welfare tent with police officers/nurses etc within 1km of where it happened) I was shuffled from person to person having to repeat what happened endless times which wasnt great, but for the most part the police officers i came across were relatively supportive. However, one experience with an officer has stuck in my mind permanantely since the attack. i sat in a chair with bruises down my arm, endless tears down my face and no voice left from screaming/shouting/sobbing, whilst a police officer told me that i was probably lying “or at least exaggerating”. I sat there in complete shock as he said “what i have written here is that you were dragged into a tent and raped, and if this is an elaborate lie you need to tell us now or else itll be a waste of time for all of us”. Unfortunately they are yet to find the man who did this to me so it hasnt gone to court or anything, and for a while i was very grateful for that as i dont think i’d have been able to deal with a repeat of that experience. As i say, for the most part officers treated me ok, but i wish id complained about this one as his words go around in my mind almost as much as the rape itself.