I reported a man crawling down the street in a car, repeatedly stopping and asking me to get in despite my repeatedly saying no.
This was a year ago when I was in sixth form.
When I phoned the next day I was asked why I hadn’t rung within 24 hours (I had gone to school after the incident, been busy in the evening and had orchestra early the next morning so had waited until lunch so that I could tell my Mum what had happened first). I was told that it clearly wasn’t that bad if I had waited a day to phone and that they therefore wouldn’t file a report.
This then re-occurred multiple times the following week but I felt so dismissed from before that I didn’t feel able to phone the police to report it again.
I know so many friends in my peer group who have experienced sexual harassment on trains/clubs/elsewhere who felt unable to report it for fear of being disbelieved or shamed because of where they were (when the harassment happened in a club).