I was shocked, when I reported a sexual assault case, that it was the woman police officer I gave my statement to who judged and berated me. When I was eventually assigned police officers for the case, they were amazing and I told them about the treatment I’d received with that particular female police officer.

I had two men reassuring me and telling me it was not my fault and that I was brave for stepping forward and that the actions of the female police officer were unking and extremely un-professional and not what the force advocates.

This is such a big problem because in so many cases, victims would rather deal with other women rather than men, and when these women are super-insensitive it can break you down and wipe away all your confidence.

The kind of treatment I received is exactly why people don’t want to come forward in the first place.

Additionally, the witness support system was entirely insufficient and apart from regular contact with the case police officers (who were actually very good at providing emotional support), I was not offered any emotional or psychological support by the witness care team.